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Meditations on the Apostles’ Creed

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(59) the forgiveness of sins

When I find that I can own up to my sins, Christ’s truth has got through to me at last. When I have become concerned about my sins, Christ must be there and at work within me. Christ in me not only convinces me that I am in the wrong…

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(60) the resurrection of the body

My physical body is important to God. He created me with this body and expected me to do what I could with it for his purposes. He went to a lot of trouble to build and maintain this body which makes me a part of nature, history, and human society….

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(61) and the life everlasting

I believe in life. Life is no dream or passing fancy. Life is not a calamity from which I want to be delivered. My life can, however, be so dragged down to ill health, failure, and sin, that I wouldn’t particularly want to have to go on and on living…

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(62) Amen

When I say the amen at the end of the Creed, it is really the third time I have said, “I believe.” At the beginning I said, “I believe in God,” then later, “I believe in the Holy Ghost.” This little Hebrew word amen means, “So be it,” or, “I…

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